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while participating a workshop in june twentythirteen guided by daniela burger - dominik schuler and myself made this condolence book for the web. the entire question was: 'what would be if the internet would be gone tomorrow?'. within the one week this scenario was discussed with all its possibilities, questions and prediction of what would happen afterwards. from economics, to politics to simple daily life. how our lifes would change, what might come back again, what could be new? but unfortunately it was completely forgotten that 'the internet' and 'the www' are two absolutely different things because the latter is just a fraction of the internet.

nonetheless we took everything we loved from digital culture and internet phenomen and printed it out to put them into the condolence book. especially on the cover: unicorns, rainbows, cats, bling, hashtags and comic sans. as the cover was done we layed out the empty book within Merz Akademie along with tons of colorful pens, cat - teddy bear - heart or star stickers, memes, more cats and some significant web visuals e.g. the facebook like button.

it took only 2 days to fill the entire book and let people express their last words for the internet.
the entire digitalised book you can find in the pdf link.

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22nd April 1993 - 3rd June 2013

When the year 2013 began everything was fine. the birds were twittering, unicorns still existed and 'me at the zoo' could still be watched worldwide.
But on the 3rd June 2013 you had to leave too soon. You! Our beloved internet. Although just 20 years young you had a fulfilled life and already enriched us in your younger days with knowledge, fun and tits. You shaped the life of many people and will always have a place in our hearts even after your death. Countless best.moment.ever moments did we share, googled, trolled, satisfied our 9gag addiction, refreshed facebook, cried over Britney, refreshed facebook, surfed, liked, wrote on chat, refreshed facebook, refreshed facebook, sign in and out again of schuelervz, got an A with wikipedia, faped, posted first ... any many more which one could fill numerous books with. Just by thinking of having to live in real life and not being able to escape to your warm, comfy fold rainbow dolphin tears pour like rain over my cheeks. You were our BFF for Eva, our adviser, our entertainer, our answer to everything, our 42 - simply our life. May all the cats in heaven sing praises to you.

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