whirlwind [work in progress]
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in my winter term course (twentytwelve/-thirteen) with olia lialina we explored the current phenomenon 'the new aesthetics'. an appearance being brought up especially by james bridle and partners. within the talks, readings and discussions i noticed a similarity between the developement of technology and something more trivial like furniture. with the change of design and handling of laptops, pcs or smartphones it also changed the design of desks for example. back in the nineties we would have massive wooden working stations mostly build for corners. containing enough shelves and open placement areas to lay out every single device you would own. and people did it. because during that time it was common to show off proudly what technical stuff you would have: pcs, keyboards, mouse, printer, fax machine - displaying technology itself. nowadays everything is clean, white and hidden. no cables, no visible technology, no user. it is aimed to make one life easier by alienating us understanding and knowing what we actually do with our devices and their functions for further developement and (mis)usage. with this observation rené tackenberg and i build a visual approach by using mandala like structures. putting the whirlwind, the first large-capacity computer with a graphical interface, as starting point of this project. part one involved desk, part two and three are in planning stage.